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Smart Clinic has been present in eSwatini since 2022, offering innovative solutions, specializing in medical services for treatment of medical infrastructure.


Smart Clinic - Services Available

Bellow Is The List Of Services Available


Some consultance receive subspecialty training focusing on a particular area of the fields, these training programs are called fellowships, and are one to two years.

  • Consultance Service 1
  • Consultance Service 2
  • Consultance Service 3
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Casuality (244)

All Casuality (244) study the disorders of the heart, but the study of adult and child heart disorders are trained to take care of small children and adult heart disease.

  • Casuality Service 1
  • Casuality Service 2
  • Casuality Service 3
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Medical Procedures

Medical Procedures is the study of disease, it is the bridge between science and medicine. Also it underpins every aspect of patient care, and treatment.

  • Medical Procedures Service 1
  • Medical Procedures Service 2
  • Medical Procedures Service 3
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In Patient

Analyzing the radon or radon progeny concentrations with passive devices, or the act of calibrating radon or radon progeny measurement devices.

  • In Patient Service 1
  • In Patient Service 2
  • In Patient Service 3
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High Care Unit

We see patients from birth into early adulthood to make sure children achieve stay healthy. Our care includes preventive health checkups.

  • High Care Unit Service 1
  • High Care Unit Service 2
  • High Care Unit Service 3
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Smart Clinic also provide a service like radiology. Please note that this is not a Correct information, the correct info will be updated!

  • Radiology Service 1
  • Radiology Service 2
  • Radiology Service 3
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Laboratory Service

For people requiring additional follow up, the Smart Clinic provides rapid access to laboratory and treating heart disease.

  • Laboratory Service 1
  • Laboratory Service 2
  • Laboratory Service 3
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